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Key Findings / Implications


Estimating under-reporting of tuberculosis cases by RNTCP by Capture-Recapture approach: key findings and lessons learnt from a district level study in south India Preliminary findings suggest that two third of cases diagnosed by private providers were not included in RNTCP surveillance data. The analysis is under progress to estimate under reporting and also incidence of TB. The lessons learnt from first such study in India will be useful for mounting similar work on state/ national levels study will form the basis for Nationwide inventory studies.


Evaluation of RNTCP algorithm for diagnosis of Smear Negative Pulmonary TB Preliminary findings suggest that implementation of diagnostic algorithm for Smear negative pulmonary TB is poor under RNTCP in Karnataka state. The findings will provide inputs for strengthening the implementation of the algorithm / revise the algorithm.


Role of chest x-ray in early detection of smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis by using gene x-pert The study will help to examine the role of chest X-ray screening under program conditions, in order to provide inputs towards formulating an evidence based algorithm for early case detection of smear negative PTB using GX.


Effectiveness of community based observation of treatment for TB in Bangalore city in 2010-11 The study findings will demonstrate the contribution of community volunteers as a DOTS provider.


Estimating TB mortality (all ages combined) and child hood TB incidence through Epidemiological cum mathematical models Work under progress

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